NIGERIA – A Drug Law Enforcement Agency has arrested a man, 39, at on of the Airport, Abuja with 12 parcels of cellophane wrappers, weighing another 7.2kg, with white substances which tested positive to cocaine.

In a statement, the Agency spokesman said the new method was uncovered in a recent operation.

“The operation involved Elechi Adendu Kingsley, a Nigerian aged 39, who was arrested with a bag containing cellophane bags during the inward clearance of Ethiopian Airline flight ET 911,” the statement read.

The spokesperson said that Elechi, the suspect, has been living in Brazil for the past 13 years said he would not blame anybody for his involvement.

He said Elechi alleged he was promised N3 million upon safe delivery of the drugs to somebody in Nigeria, adding he was in Nigeria preparatory to his wedding in January 2021.

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