A young man in his early 30’s have been praised for his outstanding qualities and his astonishing ability to forgive. The young man was happily married to his beautiful wife before they devil stepped into their marriage. The wife went out and had extra marital affairs that resulted in pregnancy.

The man was said to have been devastated by the ugly development as the wife went away with another man.

However, the extra marital affairs did not last because the woman was allegedly dumped by her ‘side husband who left her with the pregnancy that is almost due for delivery.

The pregnancy is already 7th month before the side lover jilted the woman and went for another woman. The confused woman, felt used and dumped, stranded, she returned to husband to ask for forgiveness.

The good man have already forgiven her, and they went to Facebook to celebrate their reunion. The woman is heavily pregnant for the guy who dumped her.

The man celebrated the reunion with a shirt he wrote “a dad gone step”. This implies that he is now about to become a stepfather. He even promised to adopt the child when it is born. He is already taking responsibility and taking care of the woman and the pregnancy. Many people have been insulting the man on Facebook since the incident went public.


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