Here is the story of a lady who is rich and men are not going near her because they are afraid because of her success, is it wrong for women to be  rich? read the story below;

”I have always been the girl around my township that everyone loves and likes being around with, i had a lot of friends before i established my own business and company.

Everything changed when my business started going up and i was becoming successful, i started to lose friends and family changed the way they viewed me.

I started wondering why i am losing friends and family and also my husband divorced me after a few years of my success he insulted me and said i am too much for him since i was way too rich.

Even my friends too said that i was too much and too rich so they did not want to be with me and around me anymore, i started realising that people were afraid of my success and they did not want to be part of it.

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But this also gave me a sense of doubt and then i started to wonder that maybe the problem is with me and maybe something was wrong with me, they just did not want to say it or tell it to my face.

I mean why would someone not want to be around me just because i am too rich or too much for them, it did not make sense for me but i accepted it and moved on.

Now i am always lonely, i cry myself to sleep sometimes because my wealth made me lose a whole lot of people who were close to me and nobody speaks to me where i stay.

Now i always still wonder is there anything wrong with me that they noticed and i did not?

Was i wrong in gaining success for myself?”

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