Below are some people who survived the impossible;

1. Meet Carlos Rodriquez who is also called the man with half head. He lost a portion of his brain and scull after jumping through his car front window and landed on his head during a serious car accident.

Doctors had to cut away a large portion of his head and scull in order to keep him alive. This accident happened when he was 14 years old. Carlos is now grown and fortunately living a normal life.

2. Meet Truman Duncan, a 38-year old man who was working in a train and slipped right in front of the train. He was pulled and dragged by the wheels of the train for about 75 feet. His body was cut into two and miraculously was able to call 911 on his phone. He fought for his life until the emergency team came.

Anything after that, he cannot remember. He woke up 3 weeks after to realise he has lost his legs and his kidney. He has undergone 23 major surgeries and is now alive sharing his story.

3. Meet Vesna Vulovic who flew from a plane that exploded as result of a bomb been planted on the plane. The plane broke into two during the explosion and Vesna was able to fly out of the plane.

So she was able to fly 1160meters to the ground.

The plane then fell onto a mountain near a village killing everyone in it and leaving her as the sole survivor. She suffered a fractured scull, three broken vertebra and was left temporarily paralyzed with two broken legs. She went into coma for 27days but has now recovered fully from the accident.

4. Meet Roy Sullivan, a United States park ranger who has been hit by lightening for 7 different occasions and has been able to survive them all. His name has been written in the guinness book of records as the person who has survived several shocks of lightening than any other human being.

His first shock was in 1942 when he lost his eye brow, the second was in 1969, fast forward to 1977 where he encountered the worst one and was taken to a hospital.

5. Wenseslao Moguel also known as the bullet man. Back in 1915 he was captured while fighting in the Mexican revolution war. He was then sentenced to death by firing, firing is a form of capital punishment that was very common during war.

It is where a team of people come together with guns in order to shoot the victim, Miguel was shot 9 times including a final bullet from a close distance straight to the head in order to make sure he was dead. Miraculously enough, he survived them all and was even able to escape.

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