A new app has recently hit the South Africa market which allows vehicle owners to purchase fuel from the comfort of their homes.

The app, which is called Refuel, works exactly the same as any other e-commerce business.

Interested individuals download the app, register to use the app and then proceed to make fuel purchases, which then get delivered by a Refuel truck to the location that was entered in the app during the purchase.

The bright idea is the brainchild of two youngsters, Ricky Luntz and Craig Dogon, who started operating the business right before the nationwide lockdown.

While the business is not available all around SA as yet, Johannesburg and Pretoria residents are lucky enough to have access to the convenient petrol delivery service.

What’s probably better than getting fuel delivered to a convenient place is the fact that the prices for fuel remain the exact same as the worldwide price – all that is added is an R20 (K1000) service fee, which is a pretty sweet deal.

Refuel uses an Uber-like tracking system to ensure petrol is being delivered to the correct vehicles, this way customers can also track how far away the fuel truck is.

They also receive a notification once the fueling has been completed.



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