Imagine waking up in a coffin and you tried to open it and it occurs to you that you’ve been buried alive, with no cell phone, no connection with people outside, you can’t even move, no help is coming for you, you wait to slowly die but death is not forth coming.

Greater than prison break is grave break.

How to survive in The Coffin Alive:

1. Try To Manage Your air.

You must understand that you are now in another place with limitations. Don’t panic, this will increase your heart beat which will use up your oxygen. Try to hold your breath for long and release it gently, don’t try to light a match, use a torch, the whole point is to manage your air.

2. Find A Pin Hole.

Try to examine the nature of wood it is,if soft, break it else use metal,like coin, belt head, earrings and make sound till you’re heard. If you are in a digital coffin, dial the panic code, and dial it till someone responds.

3. Try To Remove Heavy Clothing

To reduce stress, get the dress off, get air for energy.

4. Don’t Break The Coffin From The Top

This is simple, if you do? The sand will fall on you and eventually cover you, imagine six feet sand? So break coffin from the base. The air there can last for you for and hour or two.

Note: Just like the western world, let us digitalise the coffin and put a panic emergency dial system in it. Let us keep it empty instead of Earth. Share this article, as I speak to you, it’s happening.

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