Unbelievable news from Zambia, a 31 year old woman Vastin Mwanza Ukwimi is said to have magically placed her husband in a spiritual bottle with an aim of controlling him.

According to reports the incident happened in Petauke in Eastern Province, Zambia in which the man was a womanizer hence it is his behavior that prompted the lady to find a way of making her husband stop.

It is reported that now that the man has been put in a bottle he has stopped womanizing.

Adding to that the man has reached the extent of seeking permission from the wife if he wants to visit the toilet and bathroom.

The man is also said not to leave his wife for more than 30 minutes and he follows her anywhere she goes including the toilet and at the market where she sells groundnuts.

The development has therefore angered residents and have reported the woman to the village headman for strangely tormenting her husband.


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