The Women Lawyers Association (WLA) of Malawi insists that it is waiting for the court to set a date to proceed with the Msundwe sexual abuse case.

Several women and girls from Msundwe, M’bwatalika and Mpingu trading centres in Lilongwe were allegedly sexually abused by some cops who were deployed to restore order in the area following a political fracas.

Members of the community had earlier killed in cold blood a police officer at a roadblock that the mob had mounted to stop people from attending a presidential function.

Following a public outcry, Police authorities instituted a probe into the incident, but have since kept its findings secret, a move that raises doubts on whether justice will prevail.

In August this year, the High Court ordered the government to compensate all the victims following a separate probe done by various rights groups.

Efforts to seek an update have proved futile as authorities at the police headquarters keep dragging their feet while avoiding to provide concrete information.

Meanwhile, WLA Public Relations Officer Atupele Masanjala explains that the grouping is equally wondering on what is happening on the police side.

credit: Capital FM

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