The Malawi Parliament has this morning received electoral records for the 15th December, 2020 by-elections that took place in Mangochi and Phalombe.

Speaking during the handover ceremony,

Commissioner Dr. Jean Mathanga said the Commission has made it a point that immediately after Parliamentary and Presidential Elections, all materials should be handed over to Parliament as per requirement of the law.

“It is our expectation that Parliament will continue keeping that materials safe and in an easy to retrieve manner so that should a situation arise that they are needed, we shall all respond to such need,” added the Commissioner.

On his part the Deputy Clerk of Parliament responsible for Corporate Services, Chikondi Kachinjika assured the Commisssion that the materials are safe as Parliament has been keeping them for a long time without any incident.

The Parliamentary and Presidential Elections Act, under section 119 provides that at the end its functions, the Commission shall deposit all documents forming the official record of the election with the Clerk of Parliament who shall retain and preserve such  documents in safe and secure custody without destruction for a period of 12 months.

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