President Lazarus Chakwera has joined Human Rights advocates in condemning police brutality when enforcing newly gazzeted Covid-19 guidelines.

Speaking during a national address on Coronavirus on Sunday, Chakwera lambasted the police for torturing citizens in markets and streets violating Coronavirus rules.

“Citizens found to be in violation of public safety laws must be subjected to due process, not police brutality or beatings. Malawi is not a police state, for what we have in this country is a police service not a police force,” said Chakwera.

The Malawi leader has since directed the Ministry of Homeland Security to work with the Inspector General to train officers in enforcement of Coronavirus rules.

The rules include a requirement for people to wear masks when in public, a limit on gatherings and a 9PM to 5AM curfew.

During enforcement of these rules, the law enforcers have been beating up people in public places including on the streets and in markets.

Police Spokesperson James Kadadzera recently told the local media that the police have been using necessary force.

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