Well-known comedian Felistus Nya-uyu Ngwira, President of Vilekeke Republic has asked President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera to continue seeking God intervention in these difficult times as the country is experiencing a second wave of COVID-19 which has claimed over 700 people.

Nya-uyu Ngwira said this in an open letter to Chakwera posted on her official facebook page seen by this publication.

In the letter Ngwira has advised Chakwera not to get distracted by some ill-minded people within and outside Tonse Alliance in governing the country.

Below is the letter;

Dear Dr Lazarus Chakwera

the president of the Republic of Malawi.

Today am sending warm hugs and greetings to you. I know it is not easy for you and I know that no matter how great one is there is always need for covering hence am sending my prayers to you. In this tough season I would like to encourage you to keep looking at the cross. Those that put their trust in the Lord shall never be put to shame for God shall always renew their strength and power. You were born for a time like this and you are the right candidate for God knew one day you will be king in a time like this.

At times some may speak in a way that can get to your heart but always forgive and overlook the negativity. It’s not easy to run a country. I know some people that are even failing to run their personal relationships are always on the forefront saying ill things. All you need is comfort and covering BUT as a pastor I know you know that at times the devil uses people that are close to you to fight you, a good example is when the Israelites were fighting Moses and when Joseph was faught by his own brothers.

You are a fighter, you are courageous, you are a lion so keep roaring fearlessly for God is with you.There is hope for any tree that has been cut that one day it shall sprout again, Mr President the sun shall soon shine again.

When all hope is lost, look to the cross. Choose to see possibilities ,even in a time when all you see is imposibilities because that moment when you are down and you are feeling like it’s hopeless that is when God comes in and reminds you that you are more than a conquer.

Many are the times strong people fight battles and we don’t check on them because we feel they are strong and have it all but we all need someone to speak to or to speak words of encouragement to us. God is still on the throne Mr. President. Even with the thorne in your fresh keep singing and worshipping God just like Paul and Silas

God asked Moses to tell the Israelites to smear blood on their house’s as the angel of death was passing through, and in this time let’s pray that the blood of Jesus Christ cover all the people living in Malawi so that she be spared from the angel of death.

You are our king and we celebrate your life, we pray for you that God keep strengthning you and your family because you are not only a president but you are human too and have feelings too and at times get shaken BUT don’t lose hope and don’t be shaken.

God bless Malawi and may God be with you our President.

Yours truly,


President of the Republic of Vilekeke.

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