Brazilian winger Emerson Carioca was more like Willy-an after stripping naked and waving his genitals at the opposition as he celebrated a vital goal in December.

And the 25-year-old has been handed an eight-game ban after his actions sparked a 22-man on-field brawl.

Carioca was playing for Sampaio Correa – who he recently left – when he scored a dramatic 95th minute winner against Marica to send his side into the Rio de Janeiro state league second division play-off final.

But he left fans focussing on the wrong type of balls when he stripped totally naked and waved his meat and two veg at the despondent Marica players.He first removed his shirt before dropping his shorts and pants to taunt the opposition.

Unsurprisingly, the Marica stars did not react well and it triggered a massive punch up. Aerial footage shows players from both teams laying into each other as chaos ensued.

Carioca now faces a long spell on the sidelines after a disciplinary panel decided his actions warrant an eight-game ban for a ‘violation of sports discipline and ethics’.

His new team Potuguesa de Rio will appeal the decision. Carioca apologised and admitted flaunting his phallus might have been a little over the top.But he said Marica’s ‘people’ had racially abused him in the build up to the incident.

Carioca said: “Marica’s people have been slandering me for the past three matches I’ve played against them. They’ve called me a slob, an alcoholic, and a fat monkey. I was annoyed at what went on.

“I want to ask forgiveness from Sampaio Correa’s fans, my teammates, and also Marica’s fans, players, and everyone who loves football.”
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