The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has launched a manhunt for a woman who filmed herself physically and verbally abusing her own toddler child.

In the video, the woman does not show her face but instead focuses the camera on her young child whom she calls Natasha.

Natasha’s mother who appears to be emotionally not well hits the child with open palms and a belt and claims that she is suffering because of the child.

From her monologue, it appears that Natasha’s mom is distraught from being dumped by her husband and is now taking it out on the poor child. She chillingly declares that she is going to kill the toddler first and then commit suicide if things do not improve.

It is not clear who the video was made for or who leaked it onto social media. However, the video has gone viral on social media which has led to the police launching a manhunt for the abusive mother.

“The ZRP is appealing for any information which can lead to the identification, location and arrest of Natasha’s mother. Writing on social media, the police said,

“The ZRP is appealing for information which can lead to the location & identification of this woman who is seen in this attached video assaulting her child apparently as a revenge act for a marital dispute with the father of the child.

“The woman is even claiming that she will die together with the child.”

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