People queuing for money at along Samora Machel avenue were yesterday treated to a free drama when a married man was caught red-handed by his wife while in the company of a small house.

Faceofmalawi established from H-Metro that a heated verbal exchange ensued between Keith Mpane – the married man and his wife only identified as Mai Maka much to the amusement of the gathered crowd.

However, the unidentified lover took to her heals as Mai Maka and some people in the crowd bayed for her blood accusing her of being a husband snatcher.

Mpane is said to have scolded Mai Maka calling her all sorts of unprintable words before he allegedly drove against the flow of traffic, in pursuit of his fleeing lover.

Adulterous Man Caught In The Act, Threatens To Shoot Wife
Mai Maka in pink top

According to reports the way Mpane treated his wife in public did not go down well with a section of the crowd mostly women who then attacked the adulterous man.

Mpane is said to have returned to where Mai Maka was and threatened to shoot her for mistreating his lover.

You are a spoiled brat Baba Maka how can you threaten to shoot your wife when you are the one who is supposed, to be apologizing for cheating on her, shouted one of the women who was on Mai Maka’s side.

Why would you want to destroy your marriage during these trying times of the Covid-19 pandemic, do you want to marry your small house or she is the one taking care of you? added the woman.

In his defence, Mpane said all he did was to try and protect an innocent woman, whom he claimed was based outside the country.

He also claimed that some gossiping women tipped Mai Maka about the meeting resulting in the fracas.

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