People from Chiomba Village in the area of Traditional Authority Chilikumwendo in Dedza have burnt the dead body of a 76 year old woman to prevent it from “turning into a lion”.

The deceased, Eniya Million, died Thursday night after complaining of general body pains.

According to Dedza Police Station Public Relations Officer, Edward Kabango, in the morning hours of today (Friday), women who were holding a funeral vigil fled from the house of the deceased after noting that the head and legs had changed to that of the beast and the whole body had fur. The beast allegedly resembled a lion.

“The villagers resorted to take the body to the graveyard to burn it before burial to prevent it from causing havoc in the village after turning into a lion,” he said.

According to the communities, the deceased’s brother who died in 2005 also turned into a lion and caused havoc in the village.

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