An unidentified man has been left restless and devastated after he caught his wedded wife red handed spending quality time with another man on Valentin day.

From what we have gathered, the man monitored her wife to a particular location where she was enjoying with her side babe.

Upon getting to the location, he realized that his wife is with another woman and that eventually triggered him to cause confusion.

The romantic evening event was marred for the married woman and her side guy along with others who had come to the venue to spend time with their significant others.

What ensued after the man caught his wife with another man was an eyesore as he instantly jumped to attack the side guy.

Some people who were present at the event tried separating the fighting men, but as has become a normal trend, others took out their phones and captured the moment on camera.

One of the passerbys who recorded the scenes gave a commentary of how the whole show started.

Watching the video below will aid you know more;



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