On Friday last week, Mpinganjira and other party officials were attacked by suspected Kondwani Nankhumwa sympathizers who claimed that the said briefing was aimed at demeaning Nankhumwa.

Mkhutche added that it is important for the party to work on putting its house in order.

Yesterday, other officials from the party, also held a briefing condemning the acts of violence allegedly perpetrated by the Nankhumwa camp.

The officials have since given Nankhumwa who is also the party’s vice president for the Southern Region and leader off opposition a seven day ultimatum to apologize or face consequences.

Reacting to the news, Nankhumwa has said he will not apologize adding that he is ready to face them in court.

Another political analyst Sherif Kaisi, a lecturer at Blantyre International University (BIU) suggested that an elective convention would help to resolve the divisions that have erupted in the party.

Some quarters in the party are calling for the resignation of the party’s president.

Meanwhile, presidential aspirants have already started running on the ground attracting support from the rural masses.

DPP is expected to go to convention in July, 2023.

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