Three people have died while three others have been injured after being struck by lightning.

The incidents occurred in separate localities. Police say both incidents occurred on the evening of February 22, 2021, in the areas of Traditional Authority Bwananyambi and Mponda respectively.

In the first incident, the deceased is identified as John Chicha and Tiyanjane Bakali both 23-years-old and they met their fate at Masuku Trading Centre.

“It was heavily raining and lightning struck five people whereby the two were pronounced dead upon arrival at Mulibwanji Community Hospital and left the other three with serious burn wounds,” says Mangochi Police deputy publicist Amina Daudi.

It is also reported that in the second incident, the deceased Bakili Chilembwe, 76, a local farmer met his fate at his maize field.

Chilembwe who was with his two children decided to hide in an incomplete building when rains started pouring heavily while they were farming.

Unfortunately, lightning struck him and was rushed to Koche Health Centre where death was pronounced upon arrival.

Postmortem for the three conducted at the mentioned hospitals revealed that death was due to cardiogenic electric shock.

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