By Orchestra Kamanga

As one way of spreading the messages on how to curb the further spread of Corona Virus pandemic, Malawian celebrated Artist and Producer  and Bass guitarist Collen Ali has released Covid -19 song .

Speaking in an interview, Ali said he has decided to come up with the corona song titled Mwari Kudenga to further teach people on how to contain the further spreading of the pandemic which has affected country’s economy as well as Globally.

“The tittle Mwari Kudenga comes in whereby am asking God to forgive us and remove the virus as people are dying due to the pandemic,” he said.

The producer also said in his song he has asked forgiveness from God as people angered him because of what they are doing like killing persons with albinism.

“People are killing each other because of politics. Men marry another men and Women do the same which was condemned in Sodom and Gomorrah and does not please God,” said Ali.

Due to Covid-19, government closed schools for seven weeks to combat the further spreading of the disease.

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