South Africa’s president, Cyril Ramaphosa Sunday relaxed that country’s lockdown measures as the country moved to alert level 1 with the president citing the latest developments around the coronavirus pandemic as what informed the move.

In his state of the nation address (SONA), Ramaphosa announced that the curfew times have been changed from midnight to 4 am, gatherings including religious, social, political, and cultural, would now be permitted.

Ramaphosa also noted that for indoor events, 100 people would be allowed while 250 are allowed for outdoor events.

He stated that nightclubs would remain closed and the wearing of masks remained mandatory.

Ramaphosa’s SONA followed a drop in new coronavirus infections and the start of South Africa’s vaccination rollout.

The changes are with effect from this Monday.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa is expected to review the national lockdown measures when he addresses the nation this Monday when the current measures imposed on 15 February expire.

Like in South Africa, Zimbabwe has of late been recording few new coronavirus infections while the vaccination programme has been rolled out.

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Source: eNCA

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