Unprecedented chaos was witnessed onboard of a flight at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in India after a passenger claimed he was a Covid-19 patient.

“On March 4, a passenger announced himself that he was travelling to Pune and that he was Covid positive. He informed flight crew on board,” the flight’s official told reporters on Friday.

After an announcement by the said passenger, there was panic among the rest of the passengers on the flight. The entire incident happened when the flight was on the runway and about to take off to Pune.

“The flight was reported to be delayed for about two hours because of the incident. The pilot of the aircraft turned back the flight from the runway to taxi-bay and offloaded all the passengers, including the Covid-19 positive passenger. Later, the aircraft was fumigated and sanitised and the seat covers were also changed,” the official said.

“The airline followed the Covid-19 guidelines laid down by the government and aviation authority,” the official added.

Later, the passenger, who claimed that he was Covid-19 positive, was handed over to the airport medical authority and his result came out positive.

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