The Malawi Police are keeping two people in custody, a brother and sister on suspicion that they have been using a social media influencer’s name “Onjezani Kenani” to still funds from unsuspecting donors.

Kenani has confirmed the development on his Facebook wall that the police have arrested the two, Lumbani Kaunda of Dwangwa and his sister Thokozire Kaunda of Mzuzu.

According to Kenani, the two with an accomplice based in South Africa allegedly created a fake Onjezani Kenani page on Facebook and convinced some Malawians to channel funds meant for the fight against Covid-19.

“They made potential donors transfer money to a bank account known as “Journalism for Environment, Disability and Development” opened in 2019 held at First Capital Bank, Mzuzu Branch under Lumbani and Thokozire Kaunda as signatories.

Kenani says he obtained the name Lumbani Kaunda through a private investigator in 2020 but was unable to take further action as there was no specific case to accuse them up until last month, when they dupped a representative of the St Andrews alumni, to deposit funds worth K300,000 into this account.

When this was brought to his attention, he complained to the police.

The bank cooperated with the law enforcers and the documents shared by the banks point towards Lumbani and Thokozire Kaunda as the holders.

The law enforcers arrested Lumbani in Dwangwa, and proceeded to Mzuzu where they arrested Thokozire.

Kenani also said the two siblings also tricked a representative of Mlanda Girls  Secondary school to deposit k137,000 to the same account making an overall figure that has gone to this account to K1 million.

The two will appear before the court in Lilongwe in the next few days where they will be convicted and charged if found guilty.

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