A South African grouping calling itself Black First Land First (BLF) has called on its government to stop pursuing the extradition process of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and his wife, Mary.

In a press statement signed by the grouping’s vice president Zanele Lwana described the move by South African to have Bushiri and his wife extradited as ‘unlawful’

“Today yet again the courts in Malawi will be pursuing the extradition hearing of Prophet and Prophetess Bushiri in Lilongwe. BLF has on previous occasion demanded that the South African government stop the unlawful extradition attempt,” said Lwana.

According to the grouping, the attempt which is being made by the Rainbow Nation on the Bushiris is a waste and fruitless expenditure of tax payers’ money which is also motivated by political agenda against Bushiri and his family hence a call to stop the persecution of Bushiri who is popularly known as Major 1 by his followers.

“The unlawful conduct of the South African government in this case is no longer a secret after the unlawful arrest of the lawyers of Prophet Bushiri at O. R International Airport and also after one of the women the Hawks had set up to falsely accuse Major1 has come forward and confessed,” added the statement.

The statement added; “In light of these developments and the multiple cases of extortion opened against the police by Major1 and nothing being done by the South African government; the extradition is nothing but persecution of the man of God by an anti-Christ government.”

Meanwhile, the Malawian court is continuing the hearing of extradition request by the South African government to have the Bushiris back in South Africa where they are wanted for fraud and money laundering charges.

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