A Nigerian man has reportedly stabbed his girlfriend to death over her refusal to stop prostituting.

Narrating his side of the story, Michael Ikechukwu revealed that prior to the death of his lover, they had a heated argument concerning her going out to hustle (prostitute) considering his plans to marry her.

Man stabs girlfriend to death over her refusal to stop prostituting

But in an attempt to scare her to stay calm, he broke a mirror on the ground and a piece of it shattered into her right rib.

“When I asked where she was going, she said I shouldn’t ask her. I locked the door, preventing her from leaving. “She started shouting at the top of her voice that I should open the door and that I should not ask her where she was going, since I knew she was a hustler,” he said.

“At that point, I started calming her down but she insisted on leaving. She said she was going to look for money. She started scattering everywhere, insisting she must leave. Out of provocation I slapped her and told her to re-arrange the room. In an attempt to scare her, I slammed the standing mirror on the ground and it shattered.

“Unfortunately, a piece pierced into her right rib and she started shouting that I had stabbed her. I rushed outside to get a tricycle to take her to the hospital. By the time I came back, I met policemen attached to TaskForce, in the apartment.

“They held me and informed me that she was dead. They took me to their office, where I spent the night. “The next day I was taken to Ojo Police division from where I was brought to the SCIID. If I had known, I would have allowed her to go and hustle. Last year, I told her to stop prostituting because I intended to marry her.”

“She had two children of ages 21 and 9. Her first child is married with a baby, while the younger one lives with her aunt. Yet I didn’t mind spending the rest of my life with her. I never meant to kill her, I only wanted to prevent her from going out that night,” he added.

Speaking to reporters, CSP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, Spokesman for the Lagos State Police Command indicated that the suspect will be arraigned in court for the laws of the land to take due actions.

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