Minister of Health Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda has disclosed that there are no Covid-19 patients at Bingu National Stadium Field Hospital at the moment.

During the second wave of the global pandemic, the Presidential Taskforce on Covid-19 turned the Bingu National Stadium into a Filed Hospital to accommodate Covid-19 patients after the Kamuzu Central Hospital was overwhelmed.

“As the public is aware that we had opened Bingu National Stadium Field Hospital in Lilongwe to assist with the management of COVID-19 patients as we had run out of space at the Kamuzu Central Hospital Treatment Unit,” Kandodo Chiponda said.

She added; “I would like to inform the Nation that currently do not have any patients at the Bingu Field Hospital.”

According to Kandodo Chiponda, the development follows reduced number of Coronavirus cases and admissions, she further added that those that need admission are being attended at Kamuzu Central Hospital Treatment Centre.

However, the Bingu National Stadium Field Hospital will remain intact in case of any rise in cases again.

She further called on those that are Coronavirus positive and are isolating in their respective homes to visit the hospital if they experience difficulty in breathing or shortness of breath. Chest pains or pressure and loss of speech or movement.

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