Former United States President Donald Trump is to re-emerge on social media after reports that he is planning to launch his own platform in two to three months.

Jason Miller Trump’s 2020 Campaign spokesperson has on Sunday confirmed the development to Fox News Network.

Trump was suspended from using Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms early his year after the inciting of the Jan 6 attack on the Capital.

Making the announcement, Miller acknowledged that the platform will completely redefine the social media world.

However, Trump Organization was not quick to comment following the development.

Meanwhile, Twitter announced last week that it would seek public opinions on when and how it should ban world leaders stressing that it is reviewing policies and considerations on whether the leaders should be held to the same rules as other users.

Following the ban, Twitter and Facebook have been under serious inspections on the way they handle accounts for politicians and government officials.

Facebook has however asked its independent oversight board to decide whether the ban against Trump should stand.

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