Malawi leader Lazarus Chakwera has said that Africa can achieve more if they can learn from the late John Pombe Magufuli, former president of neighboring Tanzania.

Chakwera said this yesterday at Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) in the capital Lilongwe on his return from Dodoma, Tanzania where he attended the funeral of late Magufuli.

Chakwera cited Magufuli’s unpredictability in crushing corruption cartels, laziness and sloth in public service as well as turning Tanzania into a middle-income economy, as a trait that should inspire other leaders.

President Chakwera spoke highly of his late counterpart’s ability to interact with other leaders while remaining patriotic to his own country.

Lazarus Chakwera; Let us learn from Magufuli legacy

Chakwera also insisted that Malawi and Africa can achieve more if only they refuse to do things as usual or as prescribed by the West as Magufuli did.

Chakwera said the late President Magufuli’s life and leadership is a challenge to leaders on the formulation and implementation of people centre development initiatives.

Dr Chakwera was speaking at the Kamuzu International Airport on his arrival from Dodoma in Tanzania where he attended the state funeral of the late Dr Magufuli.

Remains of Magufuli

“Magufuli has left a legacy worth emulating by other leaders,” Chakwera said.

Magufuli died last from heart complications according to government officials a claim which is being dusted by the opposition who are insisting that Magufuli died of Covid-19 a disease he has been denying from the start.

The remains of late Magufuli are expected to be buried on Thursday.

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