Judiciary staff in Blantyre have started getting vaccinated for COVID-19, a deadly pandemic which has claimed over 1000 lives across the country.

The exercise started soon after the launch at the high court and supreme court of appeal – Chichiri.

The launch was presided over by the Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda who assured the Judges that the vaccine is worth it and safe.

Nyirenda told Judges and Magistrates in Blantyre on Wednesday that the vaccine is the hope for the country.

“I was vaccinated on March 11, 2021 when the Head of state launched the vaccine in Zomba. We have to be protected because we spend three quarters of time in offices serving people, so we have to be protected,” said SC Nyirenda.

Blantyre District Health and Social Services director Gift Kawalaziara says over 12,000 people have received the Astrazeneca jab in Blantyre.

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