One of the country’s social commentator Humphrey Mvula has challenged leaders in the country to emulate the late and former president of Tanzania John Pombe Magufuli.

Mvula said there is a need for Malawian leaders to follow the patriotic character and strong development ethic Magufuli had.

In his first term, late Magufuli managed to move Tanzania from a lower class country to a middle class through infrastructures his government built and managed to turn the country corruption free.

Since the county’s independence in 1963, Malawi has not done much on infrastructural development and substandard structures are not uncommon in the country’s cities and towns.

Hence Mvula’s move to challenge the country’s leadership to be inspired to draw positive lessons from late President John Magufuli of Tanzania.

Magufuli is touted as a role model in fighting corruption and initiating state-of-the-art infrastructural development to Malawi’s northern neighbor.

Magufuli died last week at the age of 61 from heart complications nd is expected to be laid to rest on Friday.

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