Number of people who died during the Sunday stampede from one family has now reached six, the family has confirmed.

This is after it was discovered that the house maid Anitha Mfikwa (26) who went with the other five also died in the stampede occurred at the Uhuru stadium, Dar es Salaam.

Her body was discovered at the Muhimbili National Hospital Mortuary where some of the injured were taken after the stampede.

“We had given up on her but yesterday we received a call and were told that some of the dead and injured were taken to MNH, when went there we found her body,” said Gerald Mtuwa.

According to Gerald Mtuwa today they are burying the five family members then make arrangements to transport Anitha Mfikwa’s body to Njombe.

“Anitha is from Njombe, we have been in constant communication with her relatives including her uncle who we have been with since the day this tragedy struck,” he said.

He added: We had gone to almost all the major referral hospitals in the city including Muhimbili itself but after we received that call is when we decided that we should go there for the second time.

Several people collapsed, with reports showing that several others died in the chaos that erupted as some mourners braved security advice and forced their way into the stadium to pay their last respects.

It was in that process that the Mtuwa’s family from Kimara Mwisho in Dar es Salaam ended up registering its biggest loss when five of its members got killed in the process.

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