The people in the area of Inkhosi Mtchindi in Mzimba are leaving in fear due to two buffalos and a calf believed to have strayed from either Kavuni or Vwaza Marshes in the northern part of the district.

One of the concerned villagers Bonnex Kasonga said that their movements have been restricted as they cannot move for fear of encountering the buffalos and a calf.

According to Kasonga there have been no reports of anyone being injured though one man had to climb a tree where he stayed for a while after encountering the buffalos.

“The Buffalos have been making rounds in our area for about a week now, people are now restrained to make movements after four o’clock,” said Kasonga.

Meanwhile, Mbelwa District Council director of administrations Steve Chima said they are aware of the presence of the buffalos in the area and they have dispatched a game ranger to chase the animals away.

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