Many are wondering if there is really an occultic secret society in Africa here as they are not often seen anywhere in our communities.

It is really true that there are so many secret societies in Africa here and one powerful man who accepts people into this society is here to tell us more about this society.

Let us go deep into details.

Alhassan Bahoma who is the leader of the secret life of symbols claims that his society is one of the biggest societies in Ghana where his work and rituals have made people recognize him as a powerful and helpful man in Ghana and many countries. His goals and vision are to make people feel comfortable in this short space of life and enjoy every luxury till death.

He stated that he has top personalities who he didn’t ask to join his society. His power and spirits have been recognized by the spiritual gods of the world. He has members in his society who are pastors from all over the world. Especially, pastors from South Africa are those who work with him the most.

These pastors mostly come for different forms of success and progress for their lives and churches. He made mention of a pastor who works for him known as Pastor Bushiri in Nigeria. In his society, human sacrifices are not allowed instead, animals are been replaced with humans for rituals.

He stated that he can make someone rich in a twinkle of an eye. Before you become a member in secret light of symbols, he stated that you have to be in contact with the spirit of the society and also have a covenant with the spirit to have success in your life.

He is the middleman between the spirit and the individual. In his society, there are no negative effects on rituals. For instance, he said, you can be rich now and be poor in the next years to come, when you’ve paid your respect to the gods and spirits. He revealed over 7000 members including top politicians, musicians, TV and radio presenters in Ghana alone are in his society.

He didn’t reveal much of the identities in his society because one thing that is key to him is your secrets. Everyone’s secret is very important in keeping society successful.

Let us take a look at the video below.

Now you know that there are secret societies in our country here which many great people join


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