Man Terrorizes Father After Telling Him He Is Too Old And He Should Die

A disgruntled father has dragged his son before the Harare Civil Court seeking a protection order against him alleging that his son terrorizes him.

Paul Magombe told magistrate Meenal Narotam that his son Transformation was giving him hard times at home.

Magombe told the court that Transformation assaults him whenever he comes home drunk and he exhibits violent behavior.

“This is my son and he terrorizes me so I am applying for a protection order. He is always drunk and he abuses me. He assaults me. He calls me a wizard and accuses me of killing my wife yet he knows that she was hypertensive.”

Magombe also said his son says that he is too old and it is better for him to die adding that whenever he comes home drunk he becomes uncontrollable and he is now afraid of him.

Reports indicate that his son Transformation did not deny the allegations. He apologized and promised not to abuse his father in any way.

Magistrate Narotam granted the order and ordered Transformation not to abuse his father in any way or risk being arrested if he breaches the order.


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