A man, who was struggling to repay a debt, allegedly murdered his 13-year-old daughter in Kerala. The man was arrested by the Kochi Police around one month after the girl’s body was found. The man alleged that initially, he was contemplating suicide.

The accused was identified as Sanu. A businessman by profession, the man dropped off his wife Remya to a relative’s house in Alappuzha and went back to his apartment in Kangarappady.

The man’s daughter Vaiga was also at the apartment. Allegedly, the man had a debt of crores and was unable to repay it. Struggling to clear the debt, the man allegedly decided to murder his whole family. However, as the man knew his wife would not agree to the pact, he decided to murder his daughter and then end his own life.

The man allegedly murdered his teenage daughter but later found it difficult to take the drastic step himself, The News Minute reported. Kochi Police Commissioner Nagarjau said, “The prima facie finding is that the father killed his child. He was debt-ridden and felt that he could not carry on with life, therefore he planned to kill himself. He claims that he did not want to leave his adolescent daughter alone, therefore he planned to kill her and then himself. However, after killing her, he was unable to kill himself. ”

After killing the teenager, the accused travelled to Tamil Nadu, Goa and Karnataka within three weeks. On being arrested, the youth confessed to murdering the teenager and added that he made several attempts to end his life.

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