A Form Four student at Lobengula High School in Bulawayo is lucky to be alive after one of his classmates stabbed him as punishment for poking fun at him while in class.

17-year-old Keith Mlauzi was arrested after he stabbed Mike Siziba(16) on the shoulder with an okapi knife accusing him of making fun of him.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the incident which happened on Monday outside the school premises to a local tabloid.

According to a source who requested strict anonymity, on the day of the incident, Keith approached  Mike and another fellow classmate Simbarashe Manjokota who were a few metres away from the school premises, heading home.

Keith who had had enough of Mike’s tactics started accusing Mike of being in the habit of poking fun at him when in class thereby belittling him.

The accused allegedly started to push and shove Mike. The situation spiraled out of control and Keith who was on a mission to settle a score, fumbled in his pocket and took out an okapi knife, and stabbed Mike on the shoulder.

Shocked by what he had done, Keith fled and left Mike writhing in pain as the okapi knife was still stuck on his shoulder.

Luckily a senior teacher who was in close vicinity arrived at the scene and rendered first aid on Mike before he phoned an ambulance which came after about 30 minutes.

He was ferried to Mpilo Central Hospital where he was treated.

Inspector Ncube condemned the behavior saying;

“We condemn school bullying and would like to warn such learners who engage in bullying, that the long arm of the law will catch up with them.”

Bullying has become rampant in schools. Recently, a South African student named Lufuno committed suicide after she was bullied at Mbilwi High School in Limpopo.

The video of her being bullied by her fellow schoolmates went viral on social media.

Lufuno reportedly took an overdosed prescription pills. She was found lying unconscious in her bedroom by her mother, who rushed her to hospital, where she was declared dead on arrival.

The 15-year-old student who assaulted her has since been arrested.

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