Minister of Health Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda has urged people in the country to continue following Covid-19 preventive measures even though the cases are dropping on a daily basis.

Khumbize Chiponda added that the Coronavirus pandemic is still spreading across the world and that other countries are battling the third wave.

“Though we are observing a reduced number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in our country, let me inform the public that COVID-19 is still spreading across the globe and other countries are reportedly battling a third wave of the pandemic with different variants being reported,” said Khumbize Chiponda.

She further cautioned those that are planning to travel outside the country to take keen interest on the Covid-19 situation in the destination country.

“I would like to inform those planning to travel outside the country to take keen interest on the COVID-19 situation in the destination country and only travel if it is essential, otherwise we still encourage the public to avoid non-essential travel,” she said.

According to Khumbize Chiponda travel increases chances of getting and spreading Covid-19 hence urging people to adhere to the requirements of that particular country of destination.

Other stakeholders in country are calling on government to impose travel restriction from India as the country is battling third wave of the pandemic.

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