A sorcerer in Erode district of Tamil Nadu allegedly convinced the family of a 6-year-old girl to sacrifice her. The child sacrifice attempt was averted as the girl’s grandmother approached the cops and lodged a complaint. Reportedly, the girl and her 15-year-old brother were tortured by their parents and other family members.

The girl’s mother was identified as R Ranjitha, father was R Ramesh. Ramesh’s second wife R Indumathi and their acquaintances Dhanalakshmi alias Sasi and S Mariappan also had roles to play in the incident.

Allegedly, Dhanalakshmi convinced the parents of the girl for child sacrifice. Ranjitha and Ramalingam got married around 6 years ago and became parents to two kids. Ramalingam later got married to Indumathi. As Ranjitha did not oppose the marriage, Ramalingam kept living in the same house with Indmathi.

Last year, Indumathi brought her acquaintance Dhanalakshmi to the house, The Times of India reported. A regular visitor at the house, the woman started performing odd rituals at night. The woman dressed like Lord Shiva while performing the rituals.

In February, Dhanalakshmi told the couple that they would become enormously powerful if they sacrificed the girl. These conversations were overheard by the girl’s teenage brother and informed their grandmother. When the woman confronted the accused, they allegedly abused her and sent her away.

The elderly woman then went to the cops and lodged a complaint. The woman alleged that the accused stopped the teenaged boy’s schooling and did not admit the 6-year-old girl to school. The accused couple allegedly forced the children to do household chores and were thrashed repeatedly.

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