A Salima –based upcoming  Gospel Musician Artist Levison Masamba has featured Veteran Musician Evance  Meleka in his latest afro pop song  titled ‘’ Zipite’’.

The two Musicians in the song they are taking an advisory role encouraging listeners that there are some things in life that when you don’t let go can ruin everything more especially toxic relationships and other bad behaviors.

Masamba said that the song depicts a story of Abraham and Loti where God blessed Abraham so much after he made a critical decision to part ways with Loti.

‘’There are moments in life when habits become so sweet that you cannot let go there are relationships that we get two much hold of yet we are losing a lot of things because of such relationships and it is better to let them go,’’ Masamba said.

Masamba added that ‘’ Zipite ‘’ is the song that is giving courage to people to make critical decisions that no one could do for them to make the difference in their life.

Meanwhile Masamba said that he featured Meleka to add variety to the song and embracing the teamwork spirit.

‘’I believe that collaborating with anaother artist can produce great creative results,’’ Masamba said.

He also cited that making collaboration with veteran artist can be an awesome boost of exposure and it is a great way to expand a fan base considering that people have different likes.

Evance Meleka said that as an artist he also believes in team work and he feels good to see upcoming musicians making it big in the industry.

Meleka also added that working with another artist is an opportunity for her to tap into a new fan base his music will get exposed to new people and for those who like his music will also have the chance to taste something.

The song was recorded by Mandera at Classic records in Lilongwe actually the song is currently played on various local radio stations.

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