Kalonga District chief agriculture officer Rita Mwakwakwa has asked people to learn how to prepare nutritious meals to reduce malnutrition in under-five children in the district.

Mwakwakwa disclosed this on Friday at Mwenilondo during a food fair and food processing workshop.

‘’We believe that farmers should not only produce but should also know how to process food,’’ Mwakwangwa.

However, Makwakwa said that the farmers display their foodstuffs and it is sad now that the district has 28 percent stunting prevalence rate which is high according to WHO recommendations.

A representative of village head Mwangolera said that the food processing training helped his subjects to learn how to prepare nutritious food.

‘’I will encourage people to prepare nutritious food using locally available foodstuffs,’’ she said.

A participant Kettie Mwakasungula said that she will give her children six food groups.

‘’I did not know that we can get six food groups from local resources,’’ Mwakasungula said.

The country’s stunting rate stands at thirty five percent.

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