Oftentimes, Men are associated with the harassment of women who wear revealing clothes in public.

Well, not this time, a group of women is seen publicly harassing a woman minding her own business for wearing skimpy clothes.

In the video, the lady is walking and she is on her phone with earphones on when a group of people but mainly women start shaming her and harassing her. People try to grab her privates as she walks in the street.

This level of immaturity is really disheartening that a grown man would try to touch a stranger’s c_ookie just because one is wearing a revealing dress.

The lady then tries to escape the mob and rushes towards a wall. She then stands facing the wall and tries to call someone for help.

Like it is not enough people still follow her and making sounds of shaming her in public while others started recording and taking pictures of the lady.

Many women are really disappointed by what other women are doing to this lady in public.

Taking the matter to social media, South African women reacted to the matter by saying, “Why can’t we learn to mind our own business? This person is clothed. Check who is also adding to the embarrassment of another woman?”

“If a guy walked topless he wouldn’t have to go through this, I’m more disappointed at the women who joined in to harass this lady for her choice of outfit.”

“Why do people behave like this? Why are they touching her and following her? Women are truly each other’s enemies. Why are they cheering and touching her.!”

“Disappointed that women are also harassing her but on the real, why would she dress like that? That looks like something one would wear at the beach and not for running daily errands.”

“It’s more disappointing that women are also part of this barbaric behavior.”

“S.e.xual harassment is terrible and certainly not entertained, this should not be experienced at all during this era because one has rights and worse being touched in public by strangers is an offense,” wrote one user.

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Chisomo Kambalehttp://faceofmalawi
Writer, Journalist, Videographer, Voice-Over Artist

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