A condom shortage has reportedly hit Tanzania.

Local media reports say the South-western city of Mbeya is running out of condoms.

According to reports, Tanzanian authorities have expressed concerns over shortage of condoms.

Reports say there has been shortage of condoms in bars and other places of entertainment for about four months.

There are also fears of a rise in HIV/Aids infections.

“Right now we are in the process of tackling the Aids epidemic but there are no condoms at the centres, now what are we preventing?” Councillor Adam Hussein is quoted as saying.

But health official, Dr Jonas Lulandala, tried to reassure the councillors, Mwananchi says.

He agreed distribution had been a problem in February and March – but this had been resolved and condoms would soon be available again.

When used correctly, condoms can be up to 95% effective at preventing the transmission of HIV, studies have found.


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