Self-styled Prophet Austin Liabunya of the Newly ‘Believers Gospel Embassy International Church has come with a yet shocking prophecy surrounding the death of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) vice president Sidik Mia who died earlier this year.

Writing the prophecy on his official Facebook page, Liabunya said the late Mia was killed by a person within Tonse Alliance and not Coronavirus as it was communicated.

In the prophecy, the controversial prophet was calling on people to pray for the former head of state Dr. Joyce Banda sating the people who killed Mia are after her life.

“Specifically, I have seen a serious attack on her health and a different hijack. The same person that killed Sidik Mia and his team is also attempting on her life,” read part of the prophecy.

However, Liabunya was quick to point out that a lot of people will have a number of questions regarding the prophecy as every Malawian knows that Mia popularly known as Mbuya, succumbed to Covid-19.

“I know you will ask many questions because I mentioned honorable Mia being killed by a person,” Liabunya said.

Without hesitation, Liabunya said Mia was killed by “a big person within Tonse Alliance that did it not coronavirus.”

“But you people think it was Covid-19 because you can’t see in the Spirit neither hear the voice of God. But I tell you his death will be vindicated once Tonse is out of the line (very very soon) because it was just for ‘a minute’,” he added.

The prophecy, however has received a backlash from different people who are calling Liabunya a fake prophet as it is clear that Mia succumbed to Coronavirus as he (Mia) had also confirmed of being positive for the virus.

Others have cautioned Liabunya on delivering such sensitive issues on social media instead of meeting with the people responsible and deliver the message to them as the allegations seem to be very serious.

On the same, others are demanding the prophet to name the person responsible for the death of Mia and planning to kill the former head of state.

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