Nipsey Hussle’s family and loved ones will, unfortunately, need to wait a few months longer to reach justice in the murder case involving the rapper’s suspected killer, Eric Holder. According to The Shade Room, Holder reportedly refused to leave his jail cell this morning for a court hearing so his trial was delayed until later this year. He was also assigned a new lawyer.

Holder’s trial has been pushed back a few times now. When the pandemic was just starting, it was reported that his trial was pushed back because the courts were closed. At this point, the trial has been delayed for over a year. The latest report reads that Holder was assigned a new lawyer, Aaron Jansen, who is replacing his previous defense attorney, Lowynn Young. Holder was initially being represented by Christopher Darden, the same attorney from O.J. Simpson’s murder trial before he stepped down.

The previous judge has retired and a jew judge, Honorable Clay Jacke, has been assigned. Considering there is a new judge and attorney, it will likely take a few months for them to get caught up on everything.

Prosecutors have accused Holder of shooting Nipsey Hussle in the head and chest outside of the rapper’s shop in Los Angeles. He was indicted on one count of murder, two counts of attempted murder related to other victims, and weapons charges.


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