Concerns have emerged that Nsanje District Council employees have allegedly gone three months without receiving salaries.

The direct employees claim the council owes them salary arrears from February, March and April, this year.

Some employees said that they are struggling to make ends month, life has been so tough to them without salary.

‘’Imagine going three months without salaries how can you survive?’’ lamented one of the concerned employees.

Nsanje district council chairperson, Andrew Pilimita acknowledged failure to pay the employees in time.

However pilimita claimed the salary arrears are for two months February and March.

Pilimita has since blames the situation on the drop in the council’s revenue, claiming they are not collecting enough.

‘’ It’s not three months as alleged because we collected some revenue and managed to settle some salary arrears, we did not have enough resources to take us through February, he said.

He also cited that recently they resorted to getting a loan from a bank to pay the employees and the loan is yet to be serviced.

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