ZIMBABWE – A man has been abusing his paternal rights to pay his ex-wife and new lover surprise night visits and cause chaos by breaking the gate, smashing windows with bricks, and threatening to kill the couple.

Polite Zikhali does all this to fix his ex-wife Sazini Nleya who has moved on with her life and is in a relationship with a new man.

Though Zikhali visits Nleya’s place claiming to have come to collect their children, his actions prove otherwise as upon arrival he always makes it clear that he is still bitter and is on a mission.

Following this unbecoming behaviour, his ex-wife decided to ban him from coming to her place. Nleya made it clear that Zikhali was not welcome at her home and they had to have an arrangement whenever he wanted to see their kids.

She told the court that “it is common knowledge to both our families that we are no longer together or married.”

She said since she got into a new relationship he has been coming to the house and threatening to kill her and her new man.

“He claims to be coming to collect the children but when he does so he causes chaos by insulting and assaulting them,” she said.

“He has already broken the gate and windows,” Nleya said adding that they live in fear for their lives and that is why she was seeking a protection order.

In response, Zikhali disputed the allegations.

Magistrate Urgent Vundla granted the order according to reports.

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