A Namibian woman was allegedly stabbed 10 times by her ex-boyfriend at a church altar where she fled to for safety on Monday evening, local publication The Namibia reports.

Madikizela Horaes (22), who survived the attack, told The Namibian during a telephonic interview from Fransfontein, where she resides, that she ran to the nearest church for cover when her boyfriend was running after her brandishing a knife.

The police commander in the Kunene region, deputy commissioner Rudolf Kanyetu, confirmed the incident, saying the suspect has been arrested.

“Our members on the ground are busy with preliminary investigations,” he said, adding he could not divulge further details.

Horaes said her ex-boyfriend on Monday called her to Khorixas to collect some clothing for their three-year-old daughter.

“When I arrived, there was no problem between us. We [her boyfriend, his brother and herself] went to Donkerhoek informal settlement to collect money,” she said.

Horaes said when they arrived at Donkerhoek, they were informed that the person who had their money was not at home.

The trio then proceeded to go to the ex-boyfriend’s family house to collect their daughter’s items.

Subsequently, Horaes and her ex-boyfriend started fighting in the street.

Horaes ran into a nearby house, she said, where a woman took her to a room.

While closing the door, her ex-boyfriend kicked the door open and stabbed her on the head thrice, she said.

She then ran to a nearby church, Horaes said.

Upon entering the church, her ex allegedly stabbed her several times more.

Horaes said inside the church, she found some women reading scriptures and singing hymns near the altar.

As she tried to escape the attack and called for a pastor, she said one of the women rushed to shield her from further attack by restraining the suspect’s hand.

Horaes said she broke up with her abusive boyfriend in December after five years together.

“He used to abuse me. I never reported him. He used to slap me and strike me with his fists,” she said.

She advised women in abusive relationships to avoid being trapped with abusive partners.

“I am telling you from experience: Do not feel pity for the man, you will die,” she said.

The suspect was expected to appear in Court on Wednesday.

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