In a bid to curb the growing vice of human trafficking, Love Justice Malawi, is drilling 96 Police Officers in Mangochi a development authorities have described as a proactive approach in dealing with the criminal offence.

Opening the four-day training on May 18, 2021, the Station Officer In-Charge, Francis Chisoti, welcomed the idea saying Mangochi is one of the districts which registered a high number of human trafficking cases in 2020.

Chisoti said the act is felonious as stated in the Human Trafficking Act. Being a boarder district, the malpractice is expected to be reduced when the officers are equipped with the basic training.

“According to Police findings, the victims are forcibly and fraudulently taken and they are deprived of their human rights. They face many challenges such as forced labour, sexual exploitation, overcrowding and being exposed to  obscenity hence the need for the law enforcers to have an obligation to root it out,” said Chisoti.

He also thanked Love Justice Malawi for organizing such training and encouraged the participants to take the course seriously and also to continue patrolling uncharted routes which is a safe haven for traffickers in order to make Mangochi a safe place.

In his remarks, Frank Banda the training coordinator for Love Justice Malawi echoed what the earlier speakers said that their organization will make sure that Police officers are imparted with the desired knowledge.

Banda singled out that lack of knowledge in handling of the cases has contributed to the loss of cases in court and his organization expects the officers to apply the knowledge after the training.

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