Media Influencer Idriss Ali Nassah has written the office of Zangazanga Chikhosi, the Secretary to the President and Cabinet requesting the expenditure reports of the K17 billion released to the Covid-19 Clusters.

Nassah said this through his official Facebook page which he said that the move to request for the expenditure reports follows President Lazarus Chakwera’s remarks that further audit will be made on how Covid-19 funds were used.

“I have (again) this morning written to the good office of the Honourable Zangazanga Chikhosi, the Secretary to the President and Cabinet, requesting for the expenditure reports of the K17.270 billion released to the Covid-19 Clusters.,” Nassah said.

“Following the furore of the K6.2 billion audit, President Chakwera promised that further audits were going to be carried out on the utilization of other COVID-19 funds,” he said.

However, it was later learnt that government does not have funds available for the audits, according to Nassah. Which he said was understood due to other pressing and competing needs.

“Government, on its own, cannot do everything alone. We, as responsible citizens of the country, need to play our complimentary part if we are to make progress as a country,” he added.

Nassah has therefore to offered to assist in having the K17 billion audit done by “an reputable independent audit firm at our expense,”

The media Influencer added that there are already three firms on standby saying that “all we need are the expenditure reports, which are with the Presidential Taskforce and which the Honourable Zangazanga Chikhosi can make available to us, should he so be inclined.”

Nassah added; “So, we wait and pray that he responds kindly by providing the requested information for us to pass it on to the auditors.”

Chikhosi is yet to comment on the matter.

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