The Malawi electoral commission (MEC) says that currently the commission is doing a research so as to find out the reasons behind voter apathy in by elections.

MEC commissioner Dr. Jean Mathanga expressed a worrisome trend as most of the times when MEC is conducting by elections people do not turn out in large numbers to vote.

Commissioner Dr Jean Mathanga was speaking in Blantyre in Mdeka on Sunday during an interface meeting with various chiefs from Chikwembere ward.

In an interview with face of malawi online publication Dr Jean Mathanga said that on 29 June 2021 MEC will hold some by elections in Chikwembere ward in Mdeka Blantyre, Nsanje lalanje ward and Nkhatabay central constituency.

According to commissioner Dr Jean Mathanga it is there hope that chiefs who attended the meeting will encourage their subjects to come out and vote for the by elections.

Dr Jean Mathanga the commissioner therefore said that the voter registration exercise in Chikwembere ward will start on Wednesday 26 May 2021.

In this regard MEC has appealed for the people of Chikwembere ward to get registered for the by elections on 29 June 2021.

According to Dr Mathanga the councillor for the Chikwembere ward passed away recently hence the by election in the ward.

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