A teenager born with most of her v_#*agina missing says she was betrayed by the first man she was brave enough to be intimate with.

Annabelle Astley was 16 when she was diagnosed with Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome, a congenital condition that includes having a shortened v_#*agina, no cervix, and no uterus.

It means that Annabelle, 19, will never have a period or be able to carry her own children.

She had to endure an ‘extremely painful’ dilation treatment to stretch her v_#*aginal canal, a process that women with the condition often must undergo to be sexually active with a man.

But after the musical theatre student finally opened up to her former boyfriend and slept with him she was ‘mortified’ to discover that he’d reportedly ‘told all 350 people’ in her accommodation about her MRKH.

She dumped him on the spot and shared information about her condition with her 13,700 TikTok followers in a bid to raise awareness.

Annabelle said: “He was actually so supportive and I came back and felt a bit like a laughing joke that he’d been running the halls being like ‘oh yeah, she’s got this and this.

“He was the first person I had slept with and I’ve not been with anyone since.

“I hope things will be different with my next partner – hopefully I’ll have the courage to tell him.

“As bad as what he did is, I’m actually thankful for what he did for me.”

The student says she has been ‘overwhelmed with the positive support she’s received online.

“It’s made me a million times stronger as a person to the point I can talk so openly and freely about it,” she said.

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